In our age group "adolescents" we combine everybody from 13 – 21 years old.


How are adolescents trained?

The adolescents will be trained in accordance with their age and abilities in appropriate training groups. Cornerstones of our pedagogy are treating each other fair and friendly as well as mental and physical wellness.

Trainers are the central reference persons for adolescents and thier parents. The youth officer is an additional contact partner for all concerns of players and thier parents.


What is adolescent training good for?

Girls and boys are are trained togehter and learn that exercising and playing is fun. The beginning is structured after getting to know basic movements and rules in a badminton game. Secondly, the focus lies on the social interaction with others in the training group.

During the training the children learn the technical and tactical foundation of the discipline "badminton".

The adolescents will gain all necessary skills to play badminton successfully and healthy. With help of the training adolescents will also develop more self-confidence and self-restraint beyond the sports-area.


Which sporting prospects do the adolescents have?

The adolescents will be instructed to understand exercising and playing as an lifelong and important aspect of thier every day life.

Badminton as a sport should provide a possibility to structure leisure time meaningful, healthy and joyful. Futhermore our club offers motivated and talendet adolescents the opportunity to play badminton as a competitive discipline.


Our training hours for adolescents
DayFromToPlaceAgeFor whom?
Tuesday17.3019.30DickhardtstraßeU17 - U19advanced
Friday17.3019.30DickhardtstraßeU17 - U19advanced