Child Protection

Child Protection

"Sexual assaults on children are broad social phenomenon and run through many areas of life and sadly don't even stop in front of sports. It's important to refine the attention in clubs and organisations. We want to inform, look at and provide help, as well as train voluntary and full-time staff with handling such problems." (

Child Protection is a highly important topic for the Badminton department of the club Sport-Club Brandenburg e.V. We bind ourselves to the child protection declaration of the federal sports union Berlin ("Landessportbund Berlin") and introduce appriopriate measures. Every child shall exercise safely at our premises.

At the moment we are building the needed structures and recommended processes within the club. You can read about everything which belongs to this topic o this page. Our goal is to hold the seal of childprotection of the "Landessportbund Berlin" in the future.

A safe place for children and adolescents start with...

  1. Not looking away! Tabooing and keeping silence protects offenders. We provide transparency and clarity by defining responsibilities, competencies and tasks for handling sexualised violence.
  2. We name persons of trust (one female and one male) for all concerns of child protection within the club. They handle complaints, suspected cases, topic-specific information, etc.
  3. Our persons of trust , or child-protection-officers, participate in trainings and informative events on the topic and share their knowledge with the clubs managing board.
  4. We established transparent procedures for handling suspected cases. (Currently not the case.)
  5. We review the professional and personal competence of all voluntary and full-time personnel, who get in sustainable contact with children and adolescents. We demand presentation of a police clearance certificate.
  6. In our statutes we clearly voice our opinion against any form of sexualised violence. (Currently not the case. The topic is on the table, but still needs to be discussed internally and approved formally.)
  7. We associated with the "Declaration of Child Protection" of the federal sports union Berlin ("Landessportbund Berlin"). (Currently not the case. However we are on a direct way to get there.)


Sophie Thaon

Child Protection Officer

Dennis Stricker

Deputy Child Protection Officer