For playing badminton you need shuttlecocks. These are free for kids and adolescents during training hours and tournaments. Competitive players are also provided with playing balls in team- championship matches. Beyond that, all players habe to buy their own shuttlecocks.

The club regularly purchases large amounts of feather shuttlecocks of the type Yonex- AS20. Shuttelcocks are handed out during training hours in the gym "Dickhardtstraße". Please ask Jonathan, Tobias U. oder Dönni.

Currently the price for 12 shuttlecocks amounts to:

22,00 €

(The clubs purchase price varies around 21,50 €.)

Please transfer the amount to the following bank account in time.

Account Owner: Jörn Jöns

IBAN: DE42 1007 0024 0432 3986 02

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